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40 TONS of #fish die in a river in #ThuaThienHue, #Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

After a prolonged heat wave, many fish cages on the Dai Giang River (Huong Thuy town, Thua Thien – Hue) appear dead fish, weighing up to nearly 40 tons.

According to statistics of Huong Thuy Town People’s Committee, the phenomenon of mass rearing fish on Dai Giang River appeared from June 25 to present in 167 fish farms of 28 households.

Estimated dead weight is about 40 tons, mainly carp and carp with average weight of 1 kg / fish.

Through inspection by the Department of Fisheries in Thua Thien – Hue, the cause of mass death of fish is likely due to prolonged hot sun combined with non-circulating water making fish suffocate oxygen.

In the cages, dead fish float on the water surface in large quantities, stinking with bad smell.

Many households fall into the white hands, debt when fish is about to harvest suddenly die. The heaviest damage was Mr. Vo Quang’s household with 20 dead fish cages, of which there were 3 cages of 2.5-3 kg / head.

The authorities have mobilized people to remove dead fish from cages to minimize environmental pollution and at the same time instruct farmers to enhance caring techniques to ensure good growth of fish.

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UK Heat Amber 22.07.2019 Alert


Dozens of #monkeys #dying due to #heat in #Veracruz, #Mexico

Howler monkeys from Veracruz are found dead due to the heat 

Howler monkeys from Veracruz are found dead due to the heat

More and more species from Mexico and around the world are affected by climate change, these changes in the planet that leads to death.

Just a couple of weeks ago this medium reported that hundreds of birds in the state of San Luis Potosí, were falling dead due to rising temperatures and lack of water.

Well now the affected fauna is the howler monkey from the jungle of Veracruz. At least 10 of these monkeys have been found dead on the branches of trees or among fallen leaves, and that is that temperatures exceeded 40 degrees.

The drought of just over three months in the jungle of southern Veracruz has caused great damage, not only in crops and livestock, but in the life of the habitat.

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Record Breaking #Heatwave Strikes #Juneau, #Alaska

Record High Temperatures

Record breaking heatwave has struck Alaska over the past few days with even worse heat on the way.

110 year record has been broken when Alaska’s capital Juneau hit 83C.

The heatwave has caused havoc across the country.

Extensive wildfire has been ignighted by the heatwave near Anchorage and the smoke has made it very difficult with breathing.