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Severe #thunderstorms, apparent #microburst tear through #GreaterBoston area, #USA


#Floods ravage western #Greece after deadly #storm in north kills 7

Floods ravage western Greece after deadly storm in north kills 7

Aftermath of heavy storms in Greece. © Reuters / Alkis Konstantinidis

Floods have forced residents in western Greece to flee their homes, just days after seven people were killed in a separate storm that hit the northern part of the country.

Usually hot and dry during the summer, the bizarre weather has damaged roads near the cities of Nafpaktos and Patra, although no injuries or casualties have been reported.

However, many homes and shops in Nafpaktos have suffered from flooding, a fire service official told Reuters.

The floods come just days after seven people, including six tourists, were killed on Thursday when a violent storm struck northern Greece.

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Three Dead In #France As #StormMiguel Hits Parts Of #Europe

Storm Alert

Severe gales of up to 91 mph hit Northern Spain, swirled around the Bay of Biscay and moved onto France where two boats capsized – one being a rescue boat who had gone to the aid of the other distressed boat.

In the Northern part of Spain, many homes were damaged, trees uprooted, coastal towns deserted and transport disrupted coupled with flooding.

Trees also uprooted in parts of the Netherlands.

Parts of S/SW of the UK has been hit with flooding.

Thousands of #cattle dead after #storm in #Pilbara, #Australia

Livestock Alert

Tropical Cyclone Veronica delivered much-needed rain to WA pastoralists, but it also had the heart-wrenching effect of big cattle deaths.

Bettini Beef, which runs five cattle stations in the Pilbara, close to Port Hedland, lost at least 1500 cattle, including 1000 breeders.

Stations in Bettini Beef’s portfolio include De Grey, Mallina, Sherlock, Warambie and Pyramid, which received from 130mm to more than 500mm of rain.

Owner Mark Bettini said as well as the deluge of rain there was strong winds and most cattle likely died of hypothermia, but some would have drowned.

Mr Bettini said finding the dead cattle was heartbreaking, and a big clean-up effort was under way which would take some time, with many areas still too wet to get to.

“I would say 1500 dead cattle is a conservative estimate and it is likely more would be found,” he said.

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