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Almost 3,000 cattle dead due to drought in Las Tunas, Cuba #Cattle #Drought #LasTunas #Cuba

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This June 9, the state-owned Periódico 26, belonging to the province of Las Tunas, outlined the critical situation in which the largest cattle are in that province, two thousand 954 cattle have died from malnutrition in recent months.

“The main causes of the deaths continue to be malnutrition, with two thousand 954”.

This is mainly because the farmers are not able to guarantee the food for the dry season, and it is not only about the grass, or the feed, this also includes not having sufficient water reserves. Keep in mind that at least one beef needs 120 liters of the precious liquid daily.

But the situation goes a little beyond these figures, as detailed in the newspaper 26 Newspaper.

“Until the end of May, the province accumulates seven thousand 069 deaths, with two thousand 593 more than in the same period of the previous year and an index of 2.80 percent, of 1.65 allowable. By municipalities, are Tunas (860) and Jobabo (642) had the worst results in that period “,

The bovine mass in Las Tunas amounts to 241 thousand 800 heads, to which must be added more than 2,600 buffaloes, as Jorge Luis Lozada Hechavarría, deputy delegate of Livestock in the Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, recently declared to the press. He specified that these animals are in the hands of some 15,000 owners.

Another cause that affects livestock losses is accidents , with 922. “For these two reasons alone, 54.8 percent of total losses occurred, ” said the aforementioned state newspaper.

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At least 500 cattle dead due to drought in Veracruz, Mexico #Cattle #Drought #Veracruz #Mexico

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The dry season left at least 500 head of cattle dead in the central area of ​​the state, with Tierra Blanca being one of the most affected municipalities, informed the president of the Livestock Union in that area, Jesús Ortega Couttolenc.

“The reports we have are more than anything from Tierra Blanca, it is not that the other places have not been given, but that was where there was the death of cattle, there are some who have reported to us about 400 or 500 heads, which are what we know us, there must be a lot more dead cattle, but we cannot talk about what has been done to us formally, if it was a very difficult time, “he said.

He explained that although with the start of the rainy season the land is already beginning to get wet and green in the central area, the damage could take 30 more days.

“Fortunately, a little water has already fallen, in the central area it was not what we could expect, but the one that fell has already started to green the grass, it is still a problem and it will continue for another 30 days but here we go,” he concluded.

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