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60 dead #birds found ‘due to disease’ in #Weymouth and #Portland, #UK

Bird Alert

AT LEAST 60 herring gulls have been reported dead across Weymouth and Portland following a disease outbreak.

It is understood that the birds have most likely been dying due to a suspected outbreak of avian botulism.

According to the government’s Animal and Plant Health Agency, avian botulism is a paralytic and often fatal disease caused by ingestion of toxin produced by bacteria found in rotting plant and animal material.

These outbreaks are frequent in this country but are more common during hot weather and can last for weeks, resulting in several hundreds of bird deaths.

Many of the dead gulls have been found in the swannery at Radipole Lake, near to the The Gurkha restaurant in Weymouth, where there is a build up of green algae – a possible source of the outbreak.

Algae blooms are said to occur naturally in hot weather and the swannery has been affected in previous years.

Bimlashar Gurung, manager of The Gurkha restaurant, said it is starting to affect her business: “Everyone is saying it is our fault but there is nothing we can do.

“I clean up the litter and all the rubbish that everyone leaves, sometimes when our bin is full I take it home myself, but we have been told that we are not allowed to touch the dead birds.

“Customers complain that it is hot inside because of the weather but we can’t open the window because of the smell from the water and people don’t want to sit outside anymore in the summer because they can see the dead birds.

“This is supposed to be our peak season and it is costing us money that the council is not cleaning this up. There is one dead bird that has been there for a week. I’m not happy with the council and I’m really upset. They need to take action.”

She added: “We have been here 14 years and every summer it’s a problem. Last week we took down four or five dead birds off the roof.”

Although the area around The Gurkha restaurant is not part of the RSPB Radipole Lake nature reserve, staff there have tried to help find a solution to the problem.

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Hundreds of #animals dead from #storms in #Spain

animal storms

Several heads of cattle die as a result of lightning in Ávila. / ASAJA

From cows to small birds. The storms of the past few days have claimed the lives of hundreds of animals in Spain, as witnessed by the videos that these days collapse social networks.

The strong storms that fell during the afternoon last Monday left hard images in many municipalities of the Spanish geography. Social networks were filled in a matter of minutes of photographs and videos in which you could see the great ice balls left by hailstorm in different parts of the country, many of them destroying crops and wildlife. In some cases, the size of the balls was similar to that of golf balls, a lethal weapon capable of killing animals of all kinds.

The following video is really bleak. It is recorded in the Jiennense town of La Puerta de Segura and shows how a devastating hail storm ended up with hundreds of birds in the place . As the person recording the video progresses, dozens of birds per meter can be seen killed by the impacts of hail.

On the other hand, livestock deaths due to lightning strikes and stream overflows must also be regretted. This is the case, for example, of Ávila, where ASAJA has requested the support of all administrations to deal with the large damages that it now has to face after the storms.

In this province, ranchers from towns such as Villafranca de la Sierra or Santa María de los Caballeros have seen some of their cattle die as a result of lightning strikes on their farms.

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11,000+ #birds dead and dying after #hailstorm in #Montana, #USA

Photo: Montana FWP

Wildlife officials say a hail storm packing 70-mile-per-hour winds killed or maimed more than 11,000 pelicans, cormorants and other birds when it rolled over a central Montana lake and nesting area.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials said Friday that the storm with 2-inch hail stones killed about 20 to 30 percent of the waterfowl at Big Lake Wildlife Management.

Some birds with broken wings and other injuries are not expected to survive.

Agency spokesman Bob Gibson says the lake northwest of Billings had attracted more birds than usual this summer after a wet spring.

Gibson says it’s not unheard of for hail storms to kill birds. He does not know how the toll from Sunday’s storm compares to other events.

Wildlife officials will monitor the lake for possible disease caused by rotting carcasses.

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Dozens of #birds fall dead from sky in #Kaliningrad, #Russia

Bird Alert

Dead birds began to fall from the sky onto the sidewalk at the entrance to a large shopping center.

Dozens of birds died near  Kaliningrad crashing into the wall of a shopping center. An unusual incident occurred in the suburban village of Vasilkovo.

According to eyewitnesses, the birds took off in a flock and only seconds later they began to fall dead at the feet of passers-by. Only a few were saved, they could no longer take to the air and hid under parked cars. Video of the incident was distributed by activists of the Shelter Cranberry in their account on social networks.

According to one version, the birds could crash into the mirror facade of the building without noticing it. According to another, the cause of the mass death of the winged was the unbearable heat, which is difficult for the inhabitants of the region to endure.

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Mass die off of #birds ‘mysteriously’ falling dead from sky in #Somerset, #UK

Bird Alert

Pigeons have been found lying dead in their droves around the centre of Wells, in Somerset.

Many of the dead birds were found scattered on rooftops, in fountains and around the historical Cathedral Green.

It has sparked fears of a widespread epidemic.

And birds falling from the sky is seen by some as a sign of the end times as foretold in the Bible.

Birds were also pecked to pieces and half-eaten by other animals and birds including seagulls.

Former Mayor of Wells, Celia Wride, suspected something strange was happening in the city after members of the public reported sightings of dead pigeons on pavements and roads.

Mrs Wride said: “For the last few weeks, dead pigeons are appearing everywhere.

“One lady found three dead in her garden and my daughter and I saw one late one evening just lying on the pavement near our house.

“They have no apparent injuries and are intact.

“Several ladies told of an incident where one poor bird fell out of the sky and landed on a lady carrying a cup of coffee.”

Mrs Wride went on to rule out foul play but speculated the reason behind the deaths could be due to a parasitic disease.

“According to my local informant who is also the current Beat Manager, PC Dan Williams, we have discovered what may be the cause – ‘canker’.

“The RSPB say that the disease is easily passed within the pigeon population as they are such sociable creatures.”

Canker is caused by a tiny organism called a protozoan. It is a disease that is easily transmitted from bird to bird.

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Thousands of #birds dead due to #BirdFlu in various states in #Mexico

Bird Flu

The World Organization for Animal Health, OIE, reported, July 27, 2019, that four new outbreaks of the highly pathogenic Avian Influenza virus of serotype H7N3 were detected in commercial farms and backyard birds in the towns of Coacoatzintla, Veracruz ; Columbus, Queretaro ; Dolores Hidalgo , Guanajuato ; Pedro Escobedo, Querétaro, Mexico.

In these four foci of the highly pathogenic H7N3 Avian Influenza virus, 195,852 susceptible birds were observed, with 10,028 cases, 4,282 deaths, and 17,407 dead and eliminated birds. The foci of AI infection occurred in backyard birds, the source of the focus being unknown or inconclusive. This event concerns defined areas within Mexico.

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Dozens of dead #birds found in #Dunkirk, #NewYork, #USA

Bird Alert

Several dozen seagulls were found dead the last several weeks in the Save-A-Lot parking lot in the City of Dunkirk.

“This whole street was covered in them,” said Westfield resident Ashley DePonceau. She drives in the area everyday for work. “You had to dodge your car so you wouldn’t hit them,” she said.

DePonceau said she wants to know why.

We reached out to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to find out whether it thought someone was harming the birds, it was due to environmental factors, or something else was at play.

In a statement, a DEC spokeswoman said “The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is investigating reports of dead birds in Dunkirk, first received on July 9. The dead birds were young Ring-billed Gulls hatched this summer, as evidenced by their brown plumage. The birds were found in a parking lot at the Save-a-Lot Store in Dunkirk, and had died from car strikes as they loitered in the parking lot, as is typical of this species.

These gulls have been found dead in other gathering places, such as the shoreline, and along streets in Dunkirk. This mortality is referred to as post-fledging mortality. These bird deaths occur annually when the young gulls leave the safety of their nesting area as juveniles, and are no longer being cared for by their parents. Because gulls nest in such large colonies, with several hundred young produced, when even a small percentage of these young birds die it generates public interest.”

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Dozens of #birds fall dead from sky in near #Adelaide, #Austalia

Bird Alert

Almost 60 birds have died in a suspected poisoning in Australia after falling from the sky screaming and bleeding from their eyes and beaks in front of horrified onlookers in a scene “like something out of a horror movie”.

Rescuers called to deal with the calamity said 58 of 60 birds they found, near a school at One Tree Hill near Adelaide, had ultimately died.

The majority of the birds are a native species – the long-billed corella – which is protected.

Sarah King, the founder of Casper’s Bird Rescue, told The Guardian that one of her staff discovered the birds on Wednesday.

“When he got there, he rang me, really distressed, and said there were more than he could handle,” Ms King said.

“They were literally falling out of the trees in front of him, falling out of the sky.”

She added: “Only two or three were actually deceased. The rest were just screaming on the ground. They couldn’t fly any more, they were bleeding out of their mouths … What we were seeing was something out of a horror movie.”

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28,000 #chickens killed due to #BirdFlu in #Changhua, #Taiwan

Bird Flu

On Saturday (June 22), Taiwan’s Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (農委會防檢局) announced that a poultry farm in Changhua County’s Fangyuan Township (芳苑鄉) was discovered to be infected with the H5N2 strain of the avian flu.

Out of concern for public welfare and to help safeguard other poultry operations nearby, the bureau ordered and carried out a culling of 27,960 nine week old chickens, on Saturday reports CNA.

This is the 26th confirmed case of a bird flu infected site in 2019 according to the report. In 2018, there were a total of 62 cases recorded.

The largest culling operation so far in 2019 also took place in Changhua, when 32,500 chickens were killed in February.

According to CNA, the owner of the poultry farm voluntarily alerted authorities of the presence of the disease among the livestock. As is standard procedure, officials from the bureau confirmed the presence and variety of the disease, before immediately ordering the chicken’s culled and the site disinfected.

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Many #birds dropping dead in #Campbellton, #Canada

Un oiseau mort.


Birds that “fall from the sky like flies” cause people to wonder near Campbellton, New Brunswick, says one resident.

Geniva Anderson says she alone found four dead birds in just two days.

She explains that birds are constantly hitting the windows of buildings and car windows.

Some of them get up a little stunned and resume their flight. The majority, however, die as a result of the shock.

We have a problem with little birds flying in our windows, our cars. Even if the vehicle is parked, they’re going to fly in it,” Anderson said.

She says the birds appear disoriented and have difficulty flying easily.

She turned to Facebook to see if other people had witnessed this strange phenomenon.

Stories of bird deaths in the region have multiplied upon publication, demonstrating that it is not the only one to observe this morbid phenomenon.

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