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2,000+ birds killed due to bird flu in Munger, India

Bird Flu

Bird flu scare continues to persist in Bihar as 400 chickens were found dead at a poultry farm at a village in Bikram block in Patna district in the last 24 hours.

More than 2,000 birds, including chicken and ducks have been culled in a village at Munger after tests confirmed H5N1 virus.

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Dozens of dead birds found on road in Amarillo, Texas, USA

02.01.19 dead birds in texas, usa

Dozens of birds are found dead near at the corner of 45th and Coulter.

Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare said they have picked up birds at that location.

The City of Amarillo said the birds might have flown into power lines or cables near the electrical station at the intersection.

Xcel Energy Spokesperson Wes Reeves said they do not have any evidence of birds impacting their facilities at that intersection, and there have been no service interruptions related to animal contact in that area in recent weeks.

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Almost 100 dead or sick birds found on Marco Island in Florida, USA

06.12.18 Dead Birds In Florida, USA

Almost 100 dead or sick birds have been brought into the von Arx wildife hospital at the Conservancy since mid-November .

“It’s physically exhausting going back and forth and back and forth and it’s just sad,” said Adam DiNuovo with the Audubon Society.

Adam has been making the 40 minute trek from Marco Island to the Conservancy almost daily, dropping off birds. He arrived Thursday with another container of sick birds, one of which didn’t survive the car ride.

“A Sandwich Tern which unfortunately didn’t make it, and a Royal Tern which looks like it’s doing pretty well.”

Although they look physically healthy, the birds are found convulsing on the beach or unable to fly. Someone snapped pictures of two dead birds near Residents Beach at Marco Island, on Wednesday.

“It’s something where they’re feeding, so the birds that we see on the coastline right on the shore, don’t seem to be getting sick, and the birds that are feeding a little off shore, eating fish, are the ones that we’re finding.”

Results of necropsies done on the birds are still pending, but red tide isn’t being ruled out as a possibility.

A change in the wind pattern this weekend could bring red tide closer to Marco Island.

“I would expect that I would be noticing red tide symptoms Monday on the beach,” said DiNuovo.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has been working almost non-stop to try and save the birds.

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Dozens of dead birds found in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

17.11.18 Dead Birds In USA

Bald eagle was among dozens of birds found dead in Hillsboro (Photo: KGW.COM)

Federal and state authorities are investigating a mass bird death in Hillsboro, west of Portland.

Officials say a bald eagle, red-tailed hawk and dozens of red-winged blackbirds and European starlings were found dead in a field in Hillsboro earlier this week.

Oregon State Police are investigating, and some birds have been taken to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lab in Ashland for testing.

Portland General Electric says crews checked a nearby transformer but it’s designed to be safe for birds, and it’s unlikely the birds were electrocuted.

Audubon Society of Portland Conservation Director Bob Sallinger says it’s possible the smaller birds were poisoned and the larger, predatory birds died after eating them.

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Nearly 1 MILLION birds killed this year due to bird flu in Bulgaria

Bird Flu

Nearly one million birds have been destroyed because of bird flu in Bulgaria since the beginning of this year. However, the infection continues to spread, the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency said.

“993,000 birds have been destroyed because of bird flu in Bulgaria since the beginning of this year, but the compensation of over BGN 4 million has been paid to the farmers in the poultry sector.” However, the infection continues to spread, “said the director of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency Damyan Iliev at a working meeting with farmers, explaining the need for precautionary measures.

The reason for this was a mass discontent among farmers who did not see the result of the measures and blamed the Agency for incompetence.

“The facts show that the measures taken in Bulgaria to reduce the disease are bad, we have criticism of sampling, the probity of sampling, all of these things are related and they are valid for both countries,” said the head of the Agency .

Tomorrow the meetings of the branch with the Agency continue. A proposal is being made to criminalize the illegal breeding of hens and ducks, as gray sector farms are the most likely source of infection.

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Dozens of dead birds found along Kasavanahalli lake in Bengaluru, India

04.11.18 Dead Birds In India

A large number of Indian cormorants, a fish-eating bird, have been found dead on the Kasavanahalli lake, sparking fears about increasing pollution level in the water body.

Curiously, no fish deaths have been reported so far.

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Hundreds of dead birds found after Cyclone in Berhampur, India

15.10.18 Dead Birds In India

Cyclone Titli not only affected humans in its passage through the state. It hit birds in a very big way, too.

With normalcy returning, the horror it has left behind is beginning to reveal itself every day. Hundreds of carcasses of birds were found near Jagannathpur Railway Station on the outskirts of Berhampur town.

Locals first saw the carcasses of open-billed storks and those of some other species lying scattered on the ground. They immediately informed the forest department. As the news spread, people from Narendrapur, Badakushasthali and nearby villages thronged the site to see for themselves signs of nature’s fury.

By the time forest department officials reached the spot, some birds had already been fed on by dogs and other animals. However, some were still alive. Forest department officials made arrangements for the treatment of the injured birds.

According to the forest officials, these bird species are indigenous to Chilika area. They generally come flying to farmlands of Jagannathpur, Narendrapur and Badakushashthali in search of food. So was it that they flew to these villages the day before the cyclone struck and was caught in its fury. Though they took shelter on trees, they might have died as the trees got uprooted or broke down.

Meanwhile, many stray cattle have lost their lives while many are left wandering homeless after being hit by the cyclonic storm. Many social organisations have come forward to provide treatment to the stray cattle.

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Hundreds of birds drop dead in Warsaw, Poland

Some 200 jackdaws have been found dead in the Warsaw district of Mokotów since late on Thursday, according to police.

A woman reported that birds were falling out of the trees between apartment blocks, police said.

They found 130 dead birds on Thursday.

Officers also caught 20 live birds which were handed over to Warsaw Zoo, which has a rehabilitation centre for wild birds.

After receiving reports on Friday, police found 70 more dead birds.

Poisoning has not been ruled out as a cause of death and police urge pet owners to remain careful.

Five jackdaws will be autopsied and samples will be sent off for tox-screens to determine what killed the birds, said Dawid Fabjański from the Animal Rescue foundation which is supporting the police.

The foundation has offered a PLN 500 reward for anyone who comes forward with information about the suspected poisoning.

The jackdaw, a member of the crow family, is a protected species in Poland, but it is listed as a Least Concern species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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Hundreds of birds die every year, ‘a mystery’ in lake Ozogoche, Ecuador

In Ecuador, the Ozogoche Lake became Lake of death. Each year, between the months of September and October, hundreds of migratory birds, the knots of the fields, come throw and die, reported West-France. This Lake culminates more than 3 700 meters above sea level, South of Quito, in the Ecuadorian Cordillera of the Andes. And for years, the deadly phenomenon surprised and asked many scientists.

In September and October, there are many birds who decide to leave the Arctic Circle, the coast of Canada and Alaska, in order to migrate to warmer areas in the South and including the argentine pampas, in Latin America. Along the way the knots fly Ozogoche Lake area and decide to throw without apparent reason. For the inhabitants of the surrounding area, the place is sacred and the behavior of the knot is interpreted as a sign: the rainy season is about to begin.

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32,352 birds killed due to bird flu in Guizhou province, China

Bird Flu

China has reported a case of H5N6 avian bird flu on a poultry farm in southwestern Guizhou province, the nation’s agriculture ministry said on Saturday.

Local authorities culled 32,352 birds at the farm following the outbreak, according to a statement published on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

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