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Dozens of dead #birds found in #Dunkirk, #NewYork, #USA

Bird Alert

Several dozen seagulls were found dead the last several weeks in the Save-A-Lot parking lot in the City of Dunkirk.

“This whole street was covered in them,” said Westfield resident Ashley DePonceau. She drives in the area everyday for work. “You had to dodge your car so you wouldn’t hit them,” she said.

DePonceau said she wants to know why.

We reached out to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to find out whether it thought someone was harming the birds, it was due to environmental factors, or something else was at play.

In a statement, a DEC spokeswoman said “The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is investigating reports of dead birds in Dunkirk, first received on July 9. The dead birds were young Ring-billed Gulls hatched this summer, as evidenced by their brown plumage. The birds were found in a parking lot at the Save-a-Lot Store in Dunkirk, and had died from car strikes as they loitered in the parking lot, as is typical of this species.

These gulls have been found dead in other gathering places, such as the shoreline, and along streets in Dunkirk. This mortality is referred to as post-fledging mortality. These bird deaths occur annually when the young gulls leave the safety of their nesting area as juveniles, and are no longer being cared for by their parents. Because gulls nest in such large colonies, with several hundred young produced, when even a small percentage of these young birds die it generates public interest.”

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Dozens of #birds fall dead from sky in near #Adelaide, #Austalia

Bird Alert

Almost 60 birds have died in a suspected poisoning in Australia after falling from the sky screaming and bleeding from their eyes and beaks in front of horrified onlookers in a scene “like something out of a horror movie”.

Rescuers called to deal with the calamity said 58 of 60 birds they found, near a school at One Tree Hill near Adelaide, had ultimately died.

The majority of the birds are a native species – the long-billed corella – which is protected.

Sarah King, the founder of Casper’s Bird Rescue, told The Guardian that one of her staff discovered the birds on Wednesday.

“When he got there, he rang me, really distressed, and said there were more than he could handle,” Ms King said.

“They were literally falling out of the trees in front of him, falling out of the sky.”

She added: “Only two or three were actually deceased. The rest were just screaming on the ground. They couldn’t fly any more, they were bleeding out of their mouths … What we were seeing was something out of a horror movie.”

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28,000 #chickens killed due to #BirdFlu in #Changhua, #Taiwan

Bird Flu

On Saturday (June 22), Taiwan’s Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (農委會防檢局) announced that a poultry farm in Changhua County’s Fangyuan Township (芳苑鄉) was discovered to be infected with the H5N2 strain of the avian flu.

Out of concern for public welfare and to help safeguard other poultry operations nearby, the bureau ordered and carried out a culling of 27,960 nine week old chickens, on Saturday reports CNA.

This is the 26th confirmed case of a bird flu infected site in 2019 according to the report. In 2018, there were a total of 62 cases recorded.

The largest culling operation so far in 2019 also took place in Changhua, when 32,500 chickens were killed in February.

According to CNA, the owner of the poultry farm voluntarily alerted authorities of the presence of the disease among the livestock. As is standard procedure, officials from the bureau confirmed the presence and variety of the disease, before immediately ordering the chicken’s culled and the site disinfected.

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Many #birds dropping dead in #Campbellton, #Canada

Un oiseau mort.


Birds that “fall from the sky like flies” cause people to wonder near Campbellton, New Brunswick, says one resident.

Geniva Anderson says she alone found four dead birds in just two days.

She explains that birds are constantly hitting the windows of buildings and car windows.

Some of them get up a little stunned and resume their flight. The majority, however, die as a result of the shock.

We have a problem with little birds flying in our windows, our cars. Even if the vehicle is parked, they’re going to fly in it,” Anderson said.

She says the birds appear disoriented and have difficulty flying easily.

She turned to Facebook to see if other people had witnessed this strange phenomenon.

Stories of bird deaths in the region have multiplied upon publication, demonstrating that it is not the only one to observe this morbid phenomenon.

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15,000 #birds killed due to #BirdFlu in #Mexico

Bird Flu

The World Organization for Animal Health, OIE, reported on June 6, 2019, that four new outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus of H7N3 serotype have been detected in commercial and backyard birds in the localities of General Heliodoro Castillo, Guerrero ; Cadereyta de Montes, Querétaro ; Tizayuca, Hidalgo ; San Juan del Río, Querétaro in Mexico.

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11,000+ #birds killed due to BirdFlu in #Xinjiang, #China

Bird Flu

China has confirmed an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N6 bird flu in Horgos in the far western Xinjiang region.

The outbreak killed 1,015 out of 2,545 birds raised by farmers in Horgos, according to a notice on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs late on Friday.

Authorities culled 11,910 birds in the area to control the spread of the disease. The notice did not specify the type of poultry involved.

China is the world’s No.2 poultry consumer. It has reported several outbreaks of highly pathogenic bird flu in recent months.

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#Penguins, #SeaLions, #turtle and several dead #birds appeared on the coast of #JoséIgnacio, #Uruguay

Against the tide

Photo: SOS Marine Fauna Rescue of Punta Colorada

“There were 28 dead penguins, three sea lions, one large turtle and several birds, petrels and albatross, scattered in 50 meters of shore of a beach of José Ignacio,” explained Richard Tesore, head of the NGO SOS Rescate Fauna Marina .

“A couple of penguins had some oil, the rest were healthy, it is thought that some animals had arrived alive and then some stray dogs killed them, since they had blood in the neck area,” he added.

In addition, the beaches of Rocha and Canelones also had the appearance of dead animals in their coasts, according to El País and confirmed Montevideo Portal.

“It is a very bad situation, we raise some bodies to do necropsies and the idea is to reveal reports to the authorities to find out if there is an answer,” concluded Tesore.

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Hundreds of #birds fall #dead due to #heat in #SanLuisPotosi, #Mexico

Due to the high temperatures hundreds of birds fall dead in San Luis Potosí

Due to the high temperatures hundreds of birds fall dead in San Luis Potosí

Due to the high temperatures that have been registered in our country in the last two months hundreds of birds have fallen dead in San Luis Potosí.

The most affected area is Xilitla, because there are few places where these animals can quench their thirst.

According to a communiqué issued by the ecology directorate, among the most affected species are “tunera” pigeons, Huastec popes, and other birds.

The head of the Municipal Ecology Department, Marcelino Covarrubias Hernández, pointed out that there have been episodes in which the thermometer exceeds 35 degrees, which puts the fauna of the demarcation at risk, especially the diversity of birds that inhabit the municipality, which he warned, is in danger.

“They located pigeons, pigeons, birds and unfortunately, even a bird called tucaneta, which is familiar to the toucans, which have died due to the high temperatures.”

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Dozens of dead sea #birds found washed up on a beach in #Ritoque, #Chile

Bird Alert

A score of dead birds were found in an area of ​​the beach of Ritoque, as confirmed by the Captaincy of Puerto de Quintero that received the complaint, a video recorded by those who were walking this Wednesday in the sector shows the animals scattered in the sand .

From the maritime authority they indicated that they referred the case to the Quillota provincial office of the Livestock Agricultural Service (SAG), who arrived with personnel from Quintero’s own headquarters to check the radius of about 70 meters in which the animals were found.

From the SAG, Javier Araya indicated that no evidence was found that third parties had intervened in the death of the birds, also ruled out intoxication or the presence of a disease that as a service they should report.

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Hundreds of dead #birds, #fish, #dolphins and sea #turtles found on #GalvestonBeach, #Texas, #USA

Fish Kill Alert

Volunteers in southern Texas are trying to figure out why hundreds of birds, fish, dolphins and sea turtles have been found dead on a Galveston beach, the Galveston County Daily News reported.

One volunteer found more than 100 dead fish while walking on the beach Wednesday, KVUE reported.

Volunteers also reported 50 dead pelicans in one day, according to Theresa Morris, Gulf program coordinator with the Turtle Island Restoration Network.Morris said the large amount of carcasses could have something to do with the chemical fire in Deer Park in March, KSAT reported. The fire caused thick, black smoke to fill the air, while pollutants leaked into the air and waterways, the television station reported.Biologists took water samples Wednesday, KVUE reported.

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