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Dozens of #birds found dead in #Huntsville, #Alabama, #USA

Bird Alert

Dozens of birds found dead in Huntsville, Alabama, USA


3,900 #birds killed due to #BirdFlu in #PlateauState, #Nigeria

Bird Flu

An outbreak of bird flu, also known as avian influenza, has hit Plateau State, killing at least 3,900 birds.

The Chief Veterinary Officer of the state, Dr Spak Shaset, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Jos, that the outbreak had affected two farms in the Jos North and Jos South Local Government Areas of the state.

He said, “Sometimes in January, when we heard of an outbreak of the dreaded disease in some part of Bauchi State, we knew Plateau is at risk.

“I immediately summoned our divisional health officers in the 17 local government councils, and in less than 72 hours after we met, report got to us of suspected cases in some farms in the state.

“We immediately swung into action and took sample from the farms to our labs and it was confirmed it is bird flu.

“Without hesitation, we went and depopulated the farms to avoid further spread of the disease to other farms.

“More than 3,900 birds were destroyed; 2,900 from the farm in Jos South and 1,000 in the farm in Jos North.”

Shaset said the two farms were disinfected and quarantined to avoid further spread to nearby farms so that other poultry farmers would not incur losses.

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10,000 #birds and #cattle #killed due to #disease in #QuanNgai and #KhanhHoa provinces, #Vietnam

Bird Flu

Specifically, from early 2019 until now, bird flu has occurred in Quang Ngai and Khanh Hoa provinces. The total number of poultry must be destroyed is 8,875. Currently, there is still one outbreak of bird flu in Khanh Hoa province over 16 days.

Also in the past 1.5 months, foot and mouth disease has occurred in small groups of households that have not been vaccinated in some provinces such as Lang Son, Yen Bai, Thai Nguyen, Quang Tri … Statistics show that the total number of cattle and foot and mouth disease is 757; destroyed 679 children. Notably, there are 4 provinces of Lang Son, Yen Bai, Thai Nguyen and Kom Tum still infected, but not over 21 days.

For blue pig disease, African swine disease, Wild pig disease, from the beginning of 2019, no arising. However, the risk of potentially infected cattle and poultry is assessed as large and worrying. For example, for Rabies, statistics in 2018, Rabies happened in 26 provinces and cities and caused 86 deaths (up 12 number cases with 2017). However, the management of domesticated dogs in many localities is not considered strictly by MARD.

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More than 20 #ducks and other #dead #birds in #Cochabamba, #Quenamari, #Bolivia

The dead ducks in several places on the banks of the Quenamari lagoon, in the Itocta Commune of the city. | DANIEL JAMES

Quenamari lagoon was full of herons, ducks of different species and flamingos. However, the picture changed drastically. Now, you have a mirror of water with more than 20 dead ducks, either on the banks, floating or being devoured by dogs.

Los Tiempos made a tour of almost half a lagoon in the southwest sector. It identified 18 ducks and other dead birds. Some were with the skeleton discovered, while others had the appearance of having only a few hours without life.

In addition, there were birds watered by the dry sectors. Also, it was noticed the presence of several packs that had in their snouts some of these to eat them.

The ornithologist Dennis Camacho explained that, in the visit they made with a group of biologists, they identified more than 20 ducks of three species, dead, in addition to other birds such as waterbirds.

“It’s a high death toll. It is not normal. These birds feed on algae and microinvertebrates that live in the water. It’s possible that it’s something in the water, “Camacho explained.

The specialist indicated that they could not take any dead duck, because the people of the area were quite reluctant with their presence. However, they moved an agonizing duck to Agroflori to be treated.

On the other hand, one of those in charge of Agroflori, Soledad Vargas, explained that the duck arrived with diarrhea. In addition, it had affectations by an apparent fall.

They also received several messages from people who pointed out the presence of ducks that fell in their homes. All of them were sent to the Forestry and Environmental Police (Pofoma) for their rescue and delivery to the Government.

However, it is also the Mayor’s task to do a toxicological examination to determine the cause of death of the ducks. A similar situation was experienced years ago in the Alalay lagoon and the municipality was responsible.

The panorama of the lagoon became bleak. There is almost no life. The water has algae and totorales without any type of management. It is in abandonment.

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Dozens are starlings drop dead in Sicheslavskaya Quay, Ukraine

In the Dnieper on Sicheslavskaya Quay, many birds died, which fell on the side of the road and the roadway. The reasons for the mass death of the starlings are not known. Recall that in March last year in Western Ukraine, people were rescued by storks who returned on the eve of snowfall and blizzards.

According to ” Informator “, the cars moving along the road tried to drive around the dead birds, but they covered almost the entire road. The publication does not exclude that the mass death of starlings is associated with their early return and frost. According to scientists, starlings return to Ukraine at the beginning and in the middle of March, and at first they are kept in packs.

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40 #birds found dead on Las Torres boulevard, #Mexico

In a section no larger than 300 meters this Thursday, at least 40 birds appeared dead on one side of the Las Torres boulevard cycleway at the junction with Juan de la Barrera.

In that area that concentrates several wooded areas, dozens of birds are concentrated every afternoon.

In a tour of the area you can see on both sides of the bike path and even on it, bird carcasses.

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2,000+ birds killed due to bird flu in Munger, India

Bird Flu

Bird flu scare continues to persist in Bihar as 400 chickens were found dead at a poultry farm at a village in Bikram block in Patna district in the last 24 hours.

More than 2,000 birds, including chicken and ducks have been culled in a village at Munger after tests confirmed H5N1 virus.

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Dozens of dead birds found on road in Amarillo, Texas, USA

02.01.19 dead birds in texas, usa

Dozens of birds are found dead near at the corner of 45th and Coulter.

Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare said they have picked up birds at that location.

The City of Amarillo said the birds might have flown into power lines or cables near the electrical station at the intersection.

Xcel Energy Spokesperson Wes Reeves said they do not have any evidence of birds impacting their facilities at that intersection, and there have been no service interruptions related to animal contact in that area in recent weeks.

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Almost 100 dead or sick birds found on Marco Island in Florida, USA

06.12.18 Dead Birds In Florida, USA

Almost 100 dead or sick birds have been brought into the von Arx wildife hospital at the Conservancy since mid-November .

“It’s physically exhausting going back and forth and back and forth and it’s just sad,” said Adam DiNuovo with the Audubon Society.

Adam has been making the 40 minute trek from Marco Island to the Conservancy almost daily, dropping off birds. He arrived Thursday with another container of sick birds, one of which didn’t survive the car ride.

“A Sandwich Tern which unfortunately didn’t make it, and a Royal Tern which looks like it’s doing pretty well.”

Although they look physically healthy, the birds are found convulsing on the beach or unable to fly. Someone snapped pictures of two dead birds near Residents Beach at Marco Island, on Wednesday.

“It’s something where they’re feeding, so the birds that we see on the coastline right on the shore, don’t seem to be getting sick, and the birds that are feeding a little off shore, eating fish, are the ones that we’re finding.”

Results of necropsies done on the birds are still pending, but red tide isn’t being ruled out as a possibility.

A change in the wind pattern this weekend could bring red tide closer to Marco Island.

“I would expect that I would be noticing red tide symptoms Monday on the beach,” said DiNuovo.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has been working almost non-stop to try and save the birds.

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Dozens of dead birds found in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

17.11.18 Dead Birds In USA

Bald eagle was among dozens of birds found dead in Hillsboro (Photo: KGW.COM)

Federal and state authorities are investigating a mass bird death in Hillsboro, west of Portland.

Officials say a bald eagle, red-tailed hawk and dozens of red-winged blackbirds and European starlings were found dead in a field in Hillsboro earlier this week.

Oregon State Police are investigating, and some birds have been taken to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lab in Ashland for testing.

Portland General Electric says crews checked a nearby transformer but it’s designed to be safe for birds, and it’s unlikely the birds were electrocuted.

Audubon Society of Portland Conservation Director Bob Sallinger says it’s possible the smaller birds were poisoned and the larger, predatory birds died after eating them.

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