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Almost 40 dead #dolphins have washed up this year along the coast of #Bulgaria

Black Sea dolphins die in Bulgaria, more dolphins

According to the regional inspectorates for environment and water resources (RIEW) in Burgas and Varna, dead dolphins are becoming less and less. Since the beginning of 2019, the total number of dead dolphins has been 38.

For comparison: during the same period, 41 dolphins died in 2015, in 2016 – 150, in 2017 – 81, and in 2018 – 74.

Three types of dolphins live in the Black Sea – the usual dolphin, mutkur and bottlenose dolphin. They are protected species in accordance with Bulgarian law prohibiting them from harassing, stalking, capturing and killing.

In recent years, the number of dolphins thrown during the summer months has increased significantly (with a peak in July 2016 and August 2015). This phenomenon – the so-called phenomenon of “unusual death event” is observed at the same time along the Turkish coast of the Black Sea and the Italian coast of the Ionian Sea.

In accordance with the Law on Biodiversity, after receiving a signal about a dead dolphin, RIEW experts conduct on-site inspections. On examination, obvious reasons for the death of a mammal and biometric data are accepted. When the probability of human intervention is established as the cause of death of a sample, the prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs should be notified.

In other cases, the RIEW shall notify the relevant Black Sea municipality in whose territory the dead dolphin is located, of the adoption of measures in accordance with the issued permit.

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4 more dead #dolphins, 313 dead this year along the coast of #Crimea

In Crimea, dolphins again jumped ashore, one managed to save

In recent days, 5 dolphins jumped to the shores of Crimea, one was saved.

“Of these, three were alive – a white-cask in the Sevastopol region, a baby Azovka in Sudak, bottlenose dolphin in Yalta. Of these three, we managed to help only the little moth. About azovka and bottlenose dolphin we were informed in fact, after a time after the release. Unfortunately, they could not be saved, ”the organization said. Two more, – azovka and bottlenose dolphin – were found dead in the Sevastopol region, noted in the Center for the Study, Rescue and Rehabilitation of Marine Mammals “Tranquil Sea”.

According to the center, since the beginning of the year, 313 emissions of dolphins and porpoises (azovka) have been recorded on the coast of the Crimean peninsula. The leader, as usual, is the Sevastopol district (43.8%), in second place is the Saki region (18.5%). Azovs suffer the most, followed by bottlenose dolphins, emissions of white barrels are recorded less frequently, write “Crimea News”.

According to experts, the statistics for the current year are similar to last year: as of July 20, 2018, 324 dead marine mammals were discovered.

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74 dead #dolphins have washed up this year along the coast of #Ukraine

Image result for Ukraine dead dolphin images

This is stated in a message on the page “Dolphins of the Azov and Black Seas” on his page on the social network Facebook.

“To date, the findings of 74 dead dolphins have been recorded were thrown onto the shores of Ukraine during this year. The absolute majority of the finds are porpoises. Among the regions in the first place is the shore of the Sea of ​​Azov: emissions are observed everywhere from Kerch to Mariupol,” it says.

According to researchers, among the probable causes of death in the first place is death in fishing nets, but additional research is required.

As Ukrainian News reported, Parliament was proposed to ban captive dolphins and other marine animals.

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#Dolphins are dying at an alarming rate along the #GulfCoast, #USA. No one knows why.

19.06.19 Dead Dolphins In USA

Scientists are puzzled by a disturbing trend in the waters along four Gulf Coast states: almost 300 dead and dying dolphins have washed ashore since February, about three times the usual number.

From Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle, coastline residents keep seeing a dolphin die-off. They’re all bottlenose dolphins, which live closest to shore, and many were adults. The single-day record is nine.

“I would say it’s concerning, and bordering on alarming, primarily because it’s a group of dolphins that have been impacted because of other unusual mortality events,” said Erin Fougeres, who oversees the NOAA’s Marine Mammal Stranding Program. Fougeres pointed out that this is the same area that was impacted by the Deepwater Horizon spill, the 2010 explosion on an oil rig that killed 11 people and carried oil hundreds of miles from the well.

Scientists are exploring several possible causes, from the lingering effects of the oil spill to skin lesions on many recovered dolphins that indicate freshwater exposure. It could also be chemicals, pollutants, or a combination.

“It’s an area where dolphins have been previously exposed to oil, they have compromised health. They have lingering health issues and so they are more susceptible to any additional stressor,” Fougeres said, adding “anything could tip them potentially over the edge.”

There’s a lot of work to do. “Even if the numbers stopped right now, we still have a long way to go, so the work isn’t gonna end,” she said, adding “We’ll be figuring out which tests and which analyses we need to conduct and we’re going to move forward with that.”

Whatever’s happening, there is no known threat to people.

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4 more dead dolphins wash ashore between Long Beach and Ocean Springs, USA

Four more dead dolphins wash ashore between Long Beach and Ocean Springs

A third dead dolphin washed ashore Tuesday morning on Front Beach in Ocean Springs. (Source: Photo WLOX)

Four more dead dolphins washed ashore on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Tuesday, making a total of 93 dolphins to be found dead on the beaches this year.

All four dead dolphins were found Tuesday. One was found in Long Beach between Richards Avenue and Ocean Wave Avenue. A second dolphin was found in Ocean Springs on Front Beach. Shortly after those two were reported, a third dolphin was found on Front Beach in Ocean Springs, and another in Biloxi.

This is the highest number of dead dolphins that the Coast has seen since 2011. Three dead dolphins were found on Biloxi Beach just two days ago.

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14 dead #dolphins wash up on a beach in #SanVicenteDeLaBarquera, #Spain

18.05.19 Dead Dolphins In Spain

A total of 14 listed dolphins have appeared dead , on Saturday morning, stranded on the beach of Oyambre , in the Cantabrian municipality of San Vicente de la Barquera , and three others have been taken to the open sea to avoid the same fate. .

The General Directorate of the Natural Environment of the regional government has proceeded to the withdrawal of the deceased specimens , which have been transferred to the Wildlife Recovery Center, located in Villaescusa, to proceed with their necropsy in order to determine the causes of their death .

The operation involved veterinary staff of the aforementioned center, agents of the Natural Environment and personnel of the Directorate General of Fisheries of the regional government, and the assistance provided by the surfers who were in the area has been fundamental.

The listed dolphins are a common species in the waters of the Cantabrian Sea and this type of behavior in these animals is often frequent, according to the Government in a statement.

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Hundreds of dead #birds, #fish, #dolphins and sea #turtles found on #GalvestonBeach, #Texas, #USA

Fish Kill Alert

Volunteers in southern Texas are trying to figure out why hundreds of birds, fish, dolphins and sea turtles have been found dead on a Galveston beach, the Galveston County Daily News reported.

One volunteer found more than 100 dead fish while walking on the beach Wednesday, KVUE reported.

Volunteers also reported 50 dead pelicans in one day, according to Theresa Morris, Gulf program coordinator with the Turtle Island Restoration Network.Morris said the large amount of carcasses could have something to do with the chemical fire in Deer Park in March, KSAT reported. The fire caused thick, black smoke to fill the air, while pollutants leaked into the air and waterways, the television station reported.Biologists took water samples Wednesday, KVUE reported.

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23 #turtles and 13 #dolphins found dead along coast of #Mississippi, #USA

Beached dolphin

Freshwater intrusion from the Bonnet Carre spillway is damaging aquatic life in the Mississippi Sound, with 13 dead dolphins and 23 dead sea turtles found along the Mississippi Coast in the last two weeks.

The carcasses are being necropsied by Mississippi State University veterinarians at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport. Executive Director Moby Solangi said the verdict is still out on the causes of death, but both the turtles and dolphins have skin and eye lesions consistent with freshwater damage.

Solangi said 22 of the dead sea turtles are endangered Kemp’s ridleys, while two baby dolphins are among the most recent dolphin carcasses retrieved. Carcasses are being found in all three coastal counties, he said.

Solangi said a total of 40 dolphins have been found dead so far in 2019.

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15 dead #dolphins wash up in the #AegeanSea since #February in #Greece

More dolphins die in Aegean Sea; group suspects navy drills

The Aegean Sea has seen a “very unusual” spike in dolphin deaths over the past few weeks, a Greek marine conservation group said Monday, adding that the rise could be linked to massive Turkish naval exercises in the area.

Fifteen dead dolphins have washed up on the eastern island of Samos and other parts of Greece’s Aegean coastline since late February, according to the Archipelagos Institute.

Its head of research, Anastassia Miliou, told The Associated Press that 15 is a worryingly high number compared to “one or two” in the same period last year.

The group said while it’s still unclear what caused the deaths, the spike follows the Feb. 27-March 8 Turkish “Blue Homeland” exercises—the country’s largest ever—that made constant use of sonar and practiced with live ammunition.

The deafening noise of sonar, used by warships to detect enemy submarines, can injure dolphins and whales, driving them to surface too fast or beach themselves—with sometimes fatal consequences—to escape the din.

“We can’t say that the Turkish exercises killed the dolphins, but the fact that we had such an unusual increase in the number washed up dead—and what we have seen must be a small percentage of the total because the Aegean has a long coastline—coincided with exercises that used more than 100 ships,” Miliou said. “(The deaths) are very worrying and we can’t say that the two events are unrelated.”

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1,100 dead #dolphins have washed up this year in #France

28.03.19 Dead Dolphins In France

The dolphins’ bodies were horribly mutilated, the fins cut off.

But what shocked French marine researchers wasn’t just the brutality of the deaths of these highly intelligent mammals, but the numbers involved — a record 1,100 have landed on France’s Atlantic coast beaches since January.

The mass deaths, widely blamed on industrial fishing, have alarmed animal welfare groups and prompted France’s ecology minister to launch a national plan to protect them.

“There’s never been a number this high,” said Willy Daubin, a member of La Rochelle University’s National Center for Scientific Research. “Already in three months, we have beaten last year’s record, which was up from 2017 and even that was the highest in 40 years.”

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