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Thousands of dead fish found in #GuadianaRiver in #CiudadReal, #Spain

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of fish appeared dead yesterday in the riverbed of the Guadiana River as it passes through the municipality of Luciana (Ciudad Real) and environmental agents of the Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha investigate the causes, among which a possible illegal dumping.

This was explained by the mayor of Luciana, Dionisio Vicente, who said in statements to EFE that this large number of fish was detected early in the morning, when several residents of the municipality warned of the appearance of animals, as well as of «a strong and unpleasant smell »and the water of the river« in poor condition ».

Vicente said that the City Council, after learning of the facts, alerted both the environmental agents of the Community Board , as well as the technicians of the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation, who took samples of the water in that same place.

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Hundreds of dead #fish found after river dries up, ‘unusual’, in the #Chilterns, #UK

Fish Kill Alert

A picturesque small river in the Chilterns has dried up, leaving hundreds of fish and shrimp dead, with experts and local action groups blaming climate change for reduced water levels.

Alarming photographs show the waterless muddy bottom of the River Misbourne in Buckinghamshire strewn with decomposing corpses.

The river is one of 260 chalk streams in the world, nine of which are in the Chilterns – a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. They are notable for being very clear, and supporting a large diversity of wildlife.

Conservationists at the Chiltern Chalk Streams Project have called for a drought to be declared to prevent more creatures from suffering the same fate.

Project officer Allen Beechey said: “Our chalk streams are in crisis and facing a fight for survival.

“A combination of climate change and over-abstraction to supply our ever-rising demand for water has left chalk streams like the River Misbourne in a dire state.”

Bob Olden, founder of the Misbourne River Action group, told The Independent: “The Misbourne is dry for an exceptional amount of its length at the moment.”

The same thing happened in 2017, he said, though not to the same extent.

“It’s unusual, and possibly getting to be more frequent.”

He said that a generation ago, several sections of the river were regularly used as swimming spots, but also added that low water levels had been a problem centuries ago.

“Mill owners in 1774 were complaining it had dried up on one occasion,” he said. “But we also have plenty of records of floods. The river couldn’t possibly sustain mills today.

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Hundreds of dead fish found washed up on #Noordhoek beach in #CapeTown, #SouthAfrica

Fish Kill Alert

While enjoying the scenic setting of Noordhoek beach over the weekend, many locals were left puzzled by the huge numbers of dead fish lying out on the light sandy shores.

We spoke to Professor Mark Gibbons from the Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology at the University of the Western Cape who said it is likely that this occurrence is related to the seasonal lull of the lagoon.

“The most logical answer would be they have been left high and dry. To the best of my knowledge there is nothing else that could explain the fact that they are all lagoonal species. If it was wider event, we would have expected to see many other species involved, including invertebrates,” says Gibbons.

As the lagoon waters recede with the arrival of warmer temperatures they leave these tiny species of fish without any water to swim in, so what may seem like an unusual incident is all part of nature.

The fish then act as a good source of food for seabirds and passing carnivores.

So if you stumble upon a large group of stranded fish on a local beach, have no fear, nothing unusual or dangerous has taken place, it is just a natural occurrence for this time of year.

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Massive die off of #fish washes up on beach in#Lido, #JohorBahru, #Malaysia

Fish Kill Alert

A large number of dead fish appeared again on the seaside of Lido, Johor Bahru, causing the attention of Johor, the Minister of State of Johor. He instructed the Environment Bureau to conduct a thorough investigation of the cause of the death of fish stocks due to insufficient oxygen in the local seawater and to investigate the sewage systems of various development projects in the vicinity.

A large number of dead fish appeared on the Lido seaside on August 28 and attracted the attention of the government. There was a similar situation again on Friday (6th). This time, the number of dead fish is more, and the smell is more intense. Even the drivers can smell the smell through the local area.

Sarudin is also a member of the state of Mui Haji District of Muar. He told the media in Bukit Hajj last weekend (7th) that there were two large-scale fish deaths in the Lido seaside within two weeks. The Environmental Bureau must thoroughly investigate the cause of the incident.

He pointed out that the authorities are still investigating the incident, so it is currently impossible to blame either party or point the finger at nearby development projects.

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Hundreds of dead #fish found floating in a pond in #Goodyear, #Arizona, #USA

Fish Kill Alert

Dozens of fish at a pond in Goodyear’s Estrella Mountain Ranch community are turning up dead, and nearby residents who walk and bike in the area say because of the smell and sight. they no longer can.

In addition, some residents say this problem has been going on for a few months, and nothing is being done.

“Down by Starpointe, there are hundreds and hundreds of dead fish just floating, belly up,” said Terry Mulcahy.

“Not happy,” said Steve Johnston. “The stench is just really bad. There’s been probably been over a thousand complaints.”

Johnston is one of those people who’s sent in several complaints to the Homeowners Association (HOA).

“For the last month and a half, we’ve been slowly getting algae,” said Johnston. “It’s just been worse and worse and worse, and I’ve put in at least three reports to the HOA.”

Johnston says this is the second time this has happened, but this is the worst. This time, it’s happening in the north man-made lake, right next to the community pool. Johnston says many people are skipping the pool, or even skipping going in the area because they can’t handle the stench. He and others say they’ve done everything they can, but nothing is being done.

“It’s dead fish everywhere floating because of the lack of oxygen from the algae that’s overcome the lake,” said Johnston.

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Mass die off of #fish in #Cartagena, #Colombia

Fish Kill Alert

For the third time in fifteen days, fish mortality occurs again in El Laguito, Cartagena. Although the residents of this exclusive tourist area opened with a shovels a channel for water to circulate and the fish recover oxygen, the measure has not been sufficient and the fish continue to die.

The authorities installed two aerators with which they seek to mobilize and oxygenate the water, but only one works and, according to experts, although it was operating at its maximum capacity, it would also be insufficient.

In this case, it would be necessary to install a pumping system that allows the oxygenation of water.

The inhabitants of El Laguito are restless and ask for environmental solutions. An inhabitant confirms that there are even groups in social networks where possible demands and popular actions are advanced.

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Thousands of dead #fish wash up on a beach in #CountyDonegal, #Ireland

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of small fish have been found washed up on a beach in County Donegal.

The fish were discovered at Downings beach on Saturday morning and the cause, so far, is a mystery.

A holidaymaker told BBC News NI she was shocked to find the fish during a morning walk.

“The lifeguard said he thought the high tide had washed them onto the beach, but no one has ever seen anything like it before,” Amanda Meehan said.

Various possible causes have been suggested to BBC News NI including the tide and rough weather.

A storm overnight caused heavy rain and strong winds and waves, but that in itself is not unusual for Ireland’s north west coast.

Others have claimed it is result of a red tide – a toxic microscopic algae that kills marine life. In 2012, it caused hundreds of dead fish to wash in Counties Donegal, Kerry and Cork.

One local man said fishermen in the area reported a pod of dolphins in the bay in recent days and he believes the fish were trying to escape from the dolphins.

He said the fish that washed up on Saturday morning all appear to be of the same species, which could discount the red tide theory.

Ms Meehan, from Londonderry, regularly stays in a caravan in the area and said she’s walked along the beach every morning during her stay.

“This morning, it was just really bizarre. There were thousands of fish spread right across the beach.

“There were a few fish up near the sand dunes, which we thought was a bit strange anyway, but then, when we got onto the beach, we saw the rest of them.

“The whole beach is covered and nobody really knows why this happened.”

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Hundreds of dead #fish found in a lake in #WatTylerPark, #Pitsea, #UK

Fish Kill Alert

HUNDREDS of dead fish were seen floating in a lake at a popular park.

Horrified families were left shocked after spotting the distressing scene at Wat Tyler Park, in Pitsea.

The Environment Agency has confirmed reports of dead fish at the park’s lake.

Staff on site told the Echo they could not comment on the issue.

A dog walker spotted the fish and contacted the Echo out of concern.

The mum-of-two who asked to remain anonymous said: “I was out with my dog having a nice little walk around the lake and saw the fish.

“There were hundreds of dead carp all floating on the surface of the water.

“I’ve never seen so many dead fish, it was awful and very distressing.

“I reported it to a ranger at the park.”

She added: “I don’t know what it was that killed them but something obviously isn’t right there in the lake.”

Charlotte Davies, 30, from Billericay added: “We spent the day there yesterday and had a lovely day.

“We didn’t see any dead fish but I think it’s sad and a shame.

“I wouldn’t want my young children to see anything like this as they would find it very upsetting.

“I really hope there isn’t a big problem or issue, we love spending time there; it’s a lovely park.

“We need to look after our wildlife and I hope this is sorted out very soon.”

An Environment Agency spokesman said: “We have been made aware of a number of dead fish in the lake at Wat Tyler Country Park.

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TONS of dead #fish wash up on #MarudhaandapalliLake in #Shoolagiri, #India

Fish Kill Alert

Tonnes of dead fish is being washed up the fringes of Marudhaandapalli Lake here in Shoolagiri, leading to fear of pollution of the lake.

Stench emanates from the pile of dead fish and the local people are upset that the authorities concerned have not attended to the problem.

The fish were spotted by locals when they brought their livestock to the lake. With more dead fish being washed ashore, this caused an alarm.

A resident told The Hindu that no official had come to the spot. The lake was being fed by waters from Kelavarapalli Dam in Hosur.

Amid the stench of dead fish that worsens by the day, theories of sabotage are also being floated by the locals.

The lake was auctioned for fish breeding last year by the revenue officials. However, this was contested by another party that moved the court.

In this backdrop, the dead fish have triggered rumours of poisoning.

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Mass die off of #fish in a lake in #Hanoi, #Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

In recent days, the phenomenon of dead fish appears continuously in the West Lake, Yen So, Truc Bach. According to experts, this situation is due to pollution and the water environment changes abruptly.

On the morning of August 22, recorded a large number of dead fish, drifting to the edge of the West Lake near Pho Sai and Nguyen Dinh Thi streets. The stench from dead carcasses and dead animals rises.

Earlier, on August 20, many people passed by the terrifying Truc Bach lake area with the smell of dead fish, drifting into a corner of the lake. According to the locals here, the phenomenon of dead fish began to appear from August 18, to August 20, the decomposition was strong due to environmental workers salvage.

A few days earlier, the phenomenon of mass death, causing unpleasant smell was also recorded in Yen So Lake.

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