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10 #turtles found dead on beaches in #Salvador, #Brazil

Sea turtle was found dead on Boca do Rio beach - Photo: Cid Vaz / TV Bahia

Photo: Cid Vaz / TV Bahia

According to the Tamar Project, since the beginning of this year, 83 strandings of dead sea turtles have been recorded in the Bahian capital.

At least 10 turtles were found dead on beaches in Salvador on the morning of Monday (26), according to Project Tamar.

Seven of the animals were found at Boca do Rio beach, at the time where the new Convention Center of the Bahian capital is being built.

Also according to the Tamar Project, the other turtles were found dead in Barra (one), Amaralina (one) and Boa Viagem (one).

Most have already appeared in a state of decomposition and there is evidence of interaction of the animals with fishing net, the project pointed out. There is still no information on what species the animals are.

According to the Tamar Project, from the beginning of the year until July, 83 strandings of dead sea turtles were recorded off the coast of Salvador. Another 10 animals were found alive and referred for treatment.

Also according to information from Tamar, also until July, 634 dead turtles have been recorded all along the northern coast of Bahia.

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40+ #penguins, plus #dolphins, #turtles and #SeaLions found dead on beaches in #SantaCatarina, #Brazil

Penguins were found on the sands of Bombinhas beach - Photo: PMP-BS / Divulgação

Photo: PMP-BS / Divulgação

In Bombinhas, more than 40 penguins were found dead on Thursday (22), according to the Santos Basin Beaches Monitoring Project (PMP-BS). On the morning of Friday (23), five more animals in Itapema , one in Porto Belo and another in Bombinhas were located by the Anjos do Mar Institute.

In addition to the penguins, dolphins, turtles and sea lions were collected dead by the environmental agencies partners of the PMP-BS, still without balance. The project and the Angels of the Sea Institute state that mortality can be linked to different factors.

“This cause of death for the penguins is more related to a natural cause, that the animals are very thin and debilitated with a large parasite infestation,” explains PMP-BS program coordinator Jeferson Dick.

According to the director of the Anjos do Mar Institute, Marcelo Assumpção Ulysséa, the use of witch networks has also caused the deaths. “Illegal shore fishing nets,” adds the director, who found animals trapped in them.

In Bombinhas, the animals were found in Mariscal, Quatro Ilhas and Canto Grande. Penguins often swim in flocks and are also found dead in groups, in the sea or on the beach sands.

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25 #Penguins, #Turtles and #Seals found dead on beaches in #RioGrandeDoSul, #Brazil

18.08.19 Dead Penguins, Turtles, Seals In Brazil

Photo by 2nd Osorio Environmental Platoon

20 dead penguins, 3 dead sealions and 2 seals on beaches in Rio do Sul.

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36 dead #turtles found along the coast of #Sinaloa, #Mexico

Photo: Rolando Salazar

Mazatlan, Sin. – So far this year 36 dead sea turtles have been found on the coasts of Sinaloa,30 have appeared in Mazatlan and the other six in El Rosario; Beatriz Violeta Meza Leyva reported.

The head of the office of the Federal Office for Environmental Protection (Profepa) in the entity, stated that a joint operation will be launched shortly with the Navy, the National Council of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp) and the National Commission Aquaculture and Fisheries, in order to detect and stop those who violent and assault this species.

Through Aquarius Mazatlan acame the report that the specimens that have arrived dead on the beaches of the port, show signs of drowning and net marks on their fins, which is supposed to become entangled in the fishermen’s nets.

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Hundreds of baby #turtles found dead on a beach in #QuintanaRoo, #Mexico

Social network users denounced the mass death of turtle pups in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, Quintana Roo because they could not reach the sea after hatching and leaving their nests, due to the large accumulation of sargassum There are on the beaches.

Through Facebook, a mother identified as Viviana García published photographs showing dozens of new-born turtles already dead, trapped in mountains of seaweed present in the “Protected Natural Area.”

Apparently these are Golfina turtles, in danger of extinction according to Official Mexican Standard 059, which could no longer complete their life cycle.

The subject of sargassum affects us all! But it affects these little turtles more, it is difficult for them to reach adulthood with their predators, and now it is harder for them to reach the sea when they are trapped in mountains of sargassum! this happens in the entire sian kaan reserve are kilometers where there are many nests (sic), ”said Viviana García.

The massive birth of turtles in the region will occur from the first fortnight of August and throughout the month of September and October, so it is necessary that the three government orders and groups of volunteers address the serious problem of sargassum.

Tulúm, the municipality where the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is located, is seriously affected by the massive sargassum recharge, according to the Sargasso Monitoring Network in Cancun.

Seaweed mountains also cause severe damage to mangroves, which are the breeding grounds of most commercially important species such as shrimp, which spend their first months of life feeding and protecting themselves from their predators.

The accumulation of sargassum alters the pH of the water and ends with oxygen, which puts all marine life and mangrove at risk, which is the natural hurricane barrier and carbon dioxide reservoir.

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5 dead #turtles found on a beach in #BocaDelRio, #Mexico

Boca del Río, Ver.- During this weekend the discovery of five dead turtles was reported in the beach area of ​​the municipality of Boca del Río.

In an interview, the director of Civil Protection Andrés Escalera Pavón said that the discovery of the specimens took place on Sunday at the beach of Santa Ana and Mocambo.

These were two turtles of the Lora species and the other three of other species that will be determined by the corresponding environmental authorities.

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150 turtles found dead this year in Paraiba, Brazil

Photo: Disclosure / NGO Urban Turtles Guajiru

About 150 turtles were found dead on the Paraiba coast this year alone.

Most case are related to the garbage that is discarded in the sands border.

RTC reporter Everton Correia went to NGO Guajiru to show the work of volunteersstruggling to change this reality.

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32 #turtles found dead on beaches in #CaboDeSanto, #Agostinho, #Brazil

Green sea turtles are found dead in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Greater Recife - Photo: Felipe Brayner / Press

Green sea turtles are found dead in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Greater Recife – Photo: Felipe Brayner / Press

Between June 2 and July 11, 32 green sea turtles died in Cabo de Santo Agostinho , Greater Recife , from Itapuama Beach to Gaibu Beach. The number of deaths was accounted for by the NGO Onda Limpa for Future Generations, which denounces the number as atypical.

Biologist Felipe Brayner, 40, is the NGO member responsible for voluntary monitoring of these animals.

“I do not have control of all animals. Of course, this number is much higher. Depending on a tricycle and other objects to cover the entire municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, is almost impossible,” he says.

According to the biologist, most (88%) of the 32 reported deaths in the area are caused by asphyxiation of animals when ingesting plastics thrown into the sea.

“Turtles’ favorite food is jellyfish. Plastic simulates the same movement in the sea and ends up confusing these animals,” he says.

Felipe Brayner says that the green species is more vulnerable because it is in the coastal part and ends up being hit hardest. Another cause of turtle death is predatory fishing.

“Why preserve? Why not discard garbage? People need to learn to live without taking the space of animals,” he says.

For the biologist, awareness is one of the tools to prevent deaths. “Actions could be taken in state and local schools and in fishermen’s colonies to teach networking techniques. But I think the most important work is with children, with future generations,” he says.

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4 dead #turtles found on a beach in #MarinaRomea, #Italy

Sea turtles beached at Marina Romea

Ravenna, 10 July 2019 – Four dead sea turtles on the beach of Marina Romea . Caretta Caretta’s carcasses were on the shoreline of the Marisa bathroom. It was Mattia Ravaglia, the owner of the plant, who noticed the specimens around 2 pm and called the Forest Service, which in turn informed the Civil Defense.

The turtles were then recovered for analysis.

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76 dead #turtles found washed up this year along the coast of #Bahia, #Brazil

Olive turtle is found dead on a beach in southern Bahia - Photo: Projeto A-Mar

Olive turtle is found dead on a beach in southern Bahia – Photo: Projeto A-Mar

An olive turtle was found dead on the northern coast of the city of Ilhéus, which is in southern Bahia. The animal was stranded on Tuesday (2).

This is the 76th case of a sea turtle found dead in the A-mar Project monitoring region, responsible for the conservation of the coastal strip from Maraú to Canavieiras.

According to Wellington Laudano, the project’s sub-coordinator, the turtle was juvenile and usually feeds in the region. No information on animal size and weight.

Wellington also pointed out that the death of the animal is indicative of interaction with fishing and ingestion of waste disposed of wrongly by people.

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