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Canada mass shooting: At least 19 victims and 16 crime scenes, police say #shooting #canada

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More than 19 people are known to have died after a gunman, dressed as a police officer, opened fire in several locations across a Canadian province.

Police say they expect the death toll to rise but are aware of “in excess of 19 victims”, making it the deadliest mass shooting in Canada’s history.

The suspected attacker, Gabriel Wortman, a 51-year-old denturist, allegedly shot people in their homes and set properties and vehicles on fire in Nova Scotia.

Wortman had disguised his vehicle to look like a police car and was wearing uniform.

Some of the victims were known to the gunman, while others were randomly targeted.

In an update on Monday, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Chief Superintendent Chris Leather said he believed there may still be the remains of victims in homes which were burned to the ground.

He added there may be others who were injured during the shooting spree, but this has not been confirmed.

There are 16 crime scenes around central and northern Nova Scotia, and authorities say they are “relatively confident” they have identified all locations.

Wortman was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) at a petrol station, and was later confirmed to have died.

One of the victims was 23-year-old Heidi Stevenson, a veteran of the RCMP and a married mother of two.

A second officer was injured but is said to be recovering at home.

Authorities said Wortman’s use of a bogus police vehicle and uniform had likely contributed to his ability to target people and drive around without being detected.

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UK Military join police to enforce tough coronavirus lockdown over Easter weekend #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #Military #Police #Easter

Coronavirus Alert_2

THE MILITARY has been deployed to help police patrols maintain the coronavirus lockdown over the Easter weekend.

Police and military force will form joint boat patrols in the southwest coast. Authorities are warning people not to violate the lockdown during the weekend after the UK saw a record number of coronavirus deaths.

Police forces have faced criticism over “heavy handed” lockdown enforcement.

Downing street has warned police after an officer tweeted that they were patrolling inside supermarkets against non-essential shopping.

The Cambridgeshire police post stated that officers had visited a Tesco at Barhill to make sure people were following social distancing regulations, and that “the non-essential aisles were empty”.

The prime minister’s spokesman said: “We set out a list of shops which could remain open and if the shops are on that list then they are free to sell whatever they have in stock. Obviously provided it’s legal to do so.”

Social media users then took to Twitter to criticise the move, adding that officers’ time could be spent on other issues.

A spokesman for the National Police Chiefs’ Council said that officers were not controlling the supermarket as it had its own security personnel.

He reassured that police officers would only go into supermarkets if there was an incident or if supermarket staff called them.

Cambridgeshire police said that the original tweet had been made by an “over exuberant officer”.

They added: “For clarification, the force position, in line with national guidance, is that we are not monitoring what people are buying from supermarkets.”

The officer’s original post has since been deleted.

In South Yorkshire a police officer was filmed admonishing a parent for allowing their children to play on their property’s front garden.

The South Yorkshire force said that the encounter had been “well intentioned but ill informed”.

The officer told the family: “You do not want your children getting the virus, it does not stop in front of your garden.”

Police in Durham told cyclists in a tweet: “If you haven’t got blue lights on your bike, you probably shouldn’t be on the roads this weekend.”

One user replied: “Errrm, cycling is a form of exercise. Or what if people are going shopping?”

In Brighton police near sea front used loudspeakers to give warning messages and deter visitors.

Paul Netherton, deputy chief constable of Devon and Cornwall police, said: “We are working with the Ministry of Defence police this weekend.

“Their marine fleets from bases in Portsmouth and Plymouth will be operating along the Dorset, Devon and Cornwall coastlines ensuring people do not gather unnecessarily on beaches. They have tannoy and can tell people to move on.”

In London, Camden Council and the Royal Parks joined together to paint signs on the grass at Primrose Hill that read: “Stay 2m apart, protect the NHS,” ahead of the nice weather that might prompt large gatherings.

Council officials in Bournemouth taped off seafront seats, while 2,000 beach huts are shuttered.

In Wales road blocks were put in place to keep tourists out of seaside towns.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority announced: “We’re closed.”

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UK cops warn they may not be able to police coronavirus lockdown and say Army might need to enforce it #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #Police #Army #pandemic

 Military vehicles cross Westminster Bridge after members of the 101 Logistic Brigade delivered medical masks to St Thomas' Hospital


COPS have today warned they may not be able to police Boris Johnson’s coronavirus lockdown and have hinted the Army may need to enforce it.

The Prime Minister last night outlined his strict limits on when Brits are able to leave their homes and banned gatherings of more than two people.

He warned the nation they “must stay at home” as he ordered a mass lockdown by closing all non-essential shops and insisting families stay behind closed doors.

However, it didn’t stop Londoners from once again packing the Underground with alarming pictures showing commuters squeezing on to carriages this morning.

Last night, Brits were also ordered not to meet up with friends and to go out to buy food or to exercise just once a day.

As part of the Coronavirus Bill – which passed through the House of Commons on Monday – police were given new emergency powers to help them guarantee public safety and maintain law and order.

Anyone who flouts the new crackdown will face fines of up to £1,000 or even arrest when cops are given emergency powers.

But the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation has suggested officers will struggle to enforce the on-the-spot fines.

Ken Marsh said Mr Johnson’s plans would be “very difficult” to put into practice because he was seeing “large amounts of sickness” among officers across the capital.

He told the BBC: “It will be very, very challenging and very difficult for us with what’s put in front of us.

“But we don’t actually know what is being put in front of us yet other than we’re going to be asked to disperse crowds, it’s going to be a real, real challenge.

“We will be dealing with it, but I’m not sure we will have the resources to be able to see it through.”

Mr Marsh believes the Army could be brought in if police numbers fall due to coronavirus, as the death toll hit 335 with more than 6,000 cases in the UK.

He told Sky News: “The Army are already in place on the outskirts of London and across the country.

“And I don’t doubt again for one minute that they will be called if needed.

“Because if we start losing large numbers in policing terms, through isolation and actually having Covid-19, then they are going to step in and support us in some way.

“It could be tailored in quite quickly and I would save that everything is on the table.”

John Apter, national chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, added: “I would urge politicians to think before they make such bold statements.

“I just cannot rationally think how that would work.”

He also revealed some officers had been “spat at” and “coughed on” by vile Brits during the pandemic.

Mr Apter said: “Vile creatures were spitting and coughing in the direction of my colleagues and using the crisis of COVID-19 as a weapon against police officers.

“I contacted the Home Secretary and said something needs to be done.”

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UK on LOCKDOWN: Boris launches unprecedented new coronavirus rules NEVER seen in peacetime #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #LOCKDOWN #pandemic #quarantine #emergency

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BORIS JOHNSON has put Britain on lockdown for three weeks after his pleas for the country to stay at home were ignored.

The Prime Minister imposed the most draconian measures the UK has faced in peacetime as the death toll continued to rocket. Mr Johnson told the public the nation is facing a national emergency and they must stay at home to save lives.

Police will enforce the lockdown by breaking up groups and imposing fines of £30 upwards on people who flout the rules.

Speaking in Downing Street, the PM said the only valid reasons for venturing outside were to buy food, carry out essential work or for medical reasons.

One outdoor trip for exercise each day is also allowed but there should be no more than two people together in public, except for members of the same household.

All non-essential shops have been ordered to shut down, weddings cancelled and religious gatherings banned.

Mr Johnson thanked the “huge numbers” of Britons who have complied with the government’s advice so far but said “the time has now come for us all to do more”.

“From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home,” he said.

“Because the critical thing we must do is stop the disease spreading between households.

“That is why people will only be allowed to leave their home for the following very limited purposes – shopping for basic necessities, as infrequently as possible, one form of exercise a day – for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household, any medical need, to provide care or to help a vulnerable person; and travelling to and from work, but only where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home.

That’s all – these are the only reasons you should leave your home.

“You should not be meeting friends. If your friends ask you to meet, you should say No.

“You should not be meeting family members who do not live in your home.

“You should not be going shopping except for essentials like food and medicine — and you should do this as little as you can. And use food delivery services where you can.

“If you don’t follow the rules the police will have the powers to enforce them, including through fines and dispersing gatherings.”

Mr Johnson said no Prime Minister wanted to impose such measures and insisted he understood the damage it is doing to people’s lives, businesses and jobs.

“And I can assure you that we will keep these restrictions under constant review,” he added. “We will look again in three weeks, and relax them if the evidence shows we are able to.”

“But at present there are just no easy options. The way ahead is hard, and it is still true that many lives will sadly be lost.

Mr Johnson insisted there was a “clear way through” and he believed the “people of this country will rise to that challenge”.

“We will beat the coronavirus and we will beat it together.

“And therefore I urge you at this moment of national emergency to stay at home, protect our NHS and save lives.”

Mr Johnson had issued a final warning to the nation on Sunday after crowds flocked to beaches and parks.

But Britons continued to gather outdoors yesterday (MON) and queue at shops. Tube carriages in London, the coronavirus hotspot, remained packed.

The PM chaired a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee at 5pm to discuss the lockdown after facing intense pressure to take tougher action.

The new measures were imposed as the number of people with the Covid 19 virus who have died in the UK reached 335.

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