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#Vodafone services #worldwide hit by #internet failure


Vodafone customers worldwide have faced disruption to their mobile internet and broadband services because of a glitch.

Users in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Greece and Italy took to social media – despite connectivity difficulties – to say there were problems just before 3pm UK time.

The company later confirmed the failure of an international link also meant disruption further afield – in Australia and India.

A spokesperson said: “We aware that some customers are experiencing issues with their mobile data and broadband services.

“Our engineers are working hard to fix the issue and services are now being restored.

“This could take some time before they are working as normal. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

It is understood the company was initially re-routing internet traffic to get around the problem.

Vodafone will be desperate to avoid PR disasters at a time when it is looking to recover from a big annual loss and invest in the 5G future at the same time.

The glitch happened just weeks before Vodafone in the UK is due to launch of its first 5G services.

The 5G fanfare – slated for 3 July – will be limited to seven cities initially.

Courtesy of Sky News

Going To The World Cup And Require Good Mobile Phone Roaming Charges? Vodafone Is Very Competitive

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