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40,000 #pigs killed due to #AfricanSwineFever in #Ruse, #Bulgaria

African Swine Fever Alert

Bulgaria has detected another outbreak of African swine fever at a pig breeding farm near the north eastern city of Ruse, after the deadly virus was discovered earlier this month, the food safety agency said on Wednesday.

That was the 19th case in pigs in farms or backyards.

“Another outbreak was detected at a large industrial farm in the village of Brashlеn with over 40,000 pigs,” said Alexandra Miteva, a senior official for the food safety authority.

She said all pigs on the holding would be culled.

The Balkan country had reported on Saturday the first outbreak at an industrial farm, at another pig breeding farm also near Ruse. All pigs at that farm in the village of Nikolovo were culled.

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3.3 MILLION #pigs killed due to swine fever in 62 provinces in #Vietnam

People are exhausted, leaders are feverish, budget is running out - Photo 1.

Big losses unprecedented, the budget is exhausted

The latest statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development show that, until now, cholera pig in Africa (DTLCP) has been discharged at 5,422 communes, 513 districts of 62 provinces and cities; The total number of infected pigs must be destroyed is 3.3 million. Currently, only the whole province of Ninh Thuan has no DTLCP disease yet.

It is worrisome that 106 communes of 22 provinces and cities have epidemics that have passed over 30 days but then the disease has returned.

Also according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Red River Delta is also heavily damaged by African cholera epidemic, many localities lose up to 30-40% of the total herd, the reserve budget for the epidemic prevention has been exhausted. .

At the meeting of DTLCP, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong admitted that no epidemics have caused great harm, making it difficult to deal with such epidemics. There are also no types of epidemics for production, but the political system must take part, to constantly change the direction, the localities create and adjust themselves to deal with the disease.

Mr. Cuong also said that DTLCP had 160 official days since the first outbreak appeared in Hung Yen. Up to now, the damage has been extremely heavy, greatly affecting people’s livelihood, because the livestock industry in our country is mainly small-scale farmers. That is not to mention the cost of prevention and destruction of sick pigs.

“There are provinces that use the entire reserve budget to support but only meet a small part of the damage caused by this disease.” Mr. Cuong commented, the development has not stopped, must determine living with this disease.

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973 #pigs dead from #SwineFever in #Saravane, #Laos

African Swine Fever Alert

Laos has reported its first cases of African swine fever (ASF), confirming outbreaks in the southern province of Saravane, the Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Thursday.

The southeast Asian country reported seven outbreaks of ASF in villages in Saravane, which led to the deaths of 973 animals, the OIE said on its website, citing information from Laos’ agriculture ministry.

The disease, which is incurable in pigs but harmless to humans, has spread rapidly across China since last August and also spread this year in Vietnam.

China, home to the world’s largest pig herd, has so far reported over 120 outbreaks of ASF.

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1.7 MILLION #pigs killed due to #AfricanSwineFever during past couple of weeks in #Vietnam

African Swine Fever Alert

Vietnam culled a further 500,000 pigs over the past two weeks to tackle an oubreak of African swine fever, taking the total killed so far to 1.7 million, or 5% of the country’s herd, the agriculture ministry said on Monday.

Pork accounts for three-quarters of total meat consumption in Vietnam, a country of 95 million people where most of its 30 million farm-raised pigs are consumed domestically.

The virus, first detected in the Southeast Asian country in February, has spread to 42 of the country’s 63 provinces, the agriculture ministry’s Livestock Production Department said in a statement on its website.

“The African swine fever outbreak is the most dangerous and costly of its kind in the husbandry industry of Vietnam,” agriculture minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong said in the statement.

“Though the virus first appeared nearly 100 years ago, there has been no vaccine and no medicine for treating the disease”.

China, the world’s largest pork producer, which has also been hit by the virus, said on Friday it will start work on clinical trials of a vaccine for African swine fever, which is fatal to animals but not harmful to humans.

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10,000 #birds and #cattle #killed due to #disease in #QuanNgai and #KhanhHoa provinces, #Vietnam

Bird Flu

Specifically, from early 2019 until now, bird flu has occurred in Quang Ngai and Khanh Hoa provinces. The total number of poultry must be destroyed is 8,875. Currently, there is still one outbreak of bird flu in Khanh Hoa province over 16 days.

Also in the past 1.5 months, foot and mouth disease has occurred in small groups of households that have not been vaccinated in some provinces such as Lang Son, Yen Bai, Thai Nguyen, Quang Tri … Statistics show that the total number of cattle and foot and mouth disease is 757; destroyed 679 children. Notably, there are 4 provinces of Lang Son, Yen Bai, Thai Nguyen and Kom Tum still infected, but not over 21 days.

For blue pig disease, African swine disease, Wild pig disease, from the beginning of 2019, no arising. However, the risk of potentially infected cattle and poultry is assessed as large and worrying. For example, for Rabies, statistics in 2018, Rabies happened in 26 provinces and cities and caused 86 deaths (up 12 number cases with 2017). However, the management of domesticated dogs in many localities is not considered strictly by MARD.

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900,000 #pigs killed during past 6 months due to disease in #China

African Swine Fever Alert

China has been one of the worst nations affected by the disease China has been one of the worst nations affected by the disease

China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has revealed that it has culled 916,000 pigs since the beginning of the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in August 2018.

The Asian country has been one of the worst nations affected by the disease as domestic pigs have contracted ASF in 24 provinces.

China’s agriculture ministry spokesman Guang Defu said the government had strengthened control measures throughout the country to tackle the disease across its pork supply.

Defu added that the measures had allowed the country to lift 77 areas affected in 21 provinces out of the blockade, according to the rules.

“The epidemic occurred in separate spots rather than spreading widely​,” said Defu. “All local departments involved have given full play to the role of the joint prevention and control mechanism and strictly tackled the epidemic according to decisions and deployments made by the central government​.”

One of the first areas affected by ASF in China was in Liaoning, resulting in 8,000 pigs​ being culled.

Many major international markets have taken action to protect themselves against the disease. For example, Australia recently ramped up biosecurity measures​ at international airports and mail processing centres to prevent ASF from entering the country.

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140,000 pigs killed due to outbreak of swine fever in Gropeni, Romania

28.08.18 Dead Pigs In Romania

To prevent the further spread of the African swine fever killed 140 000 pigs on a Romanian jättefarm. Archive picture. PHOTO: MONIKA GUSTAFSSON

In the village of Eastern Europe Romania Gropeni has second-largest pig farmers their activities on three farms. After that the dreaded virus disease African swine fever has been found must now all pigs on the farms are killed. They are reported to be between 135 000 and 140 000 in number.

To prevent further spread began began work to kill animals on Monday, then be burned or buried, writes Romania Insider.

The pig farm used under veterinary tasks of water from the nearby river Danube, where authorities suspect that smaller pig farmers may have dumped dead infected animals, writes Pig Progress.

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68 wild boars found dead due to disease in a forest in Lukhovitsy, Russia

The number of detected on the territory of Lukhovitsky district of corpses boars died of African swine fever has risen to 68, said on Tuesday the head of the Agency Luhovickomu Luhovickoj district stations to combat animal diseases Vladimir Starikov.
Formerly an employee of DGA “Luhovickaâ rajSBBŽ” reported that RIAMO forest in Luhovickom district with 24 on 27 March found more than 50 martyrs kabanov, all animals died from African plague.
“With 24 on 29 March otniki RA was, together with representatives of hunting” Beloomutskoe “surveyed the territory of forest, an area of about 2 square kilometres in the area where the first corpses were found for wild animals. At the moment, found 68 dead boars, 70% of them are young and only 30% of adult animals, “said the elderly.
According to news agencies, the work on the survey the territory of forest land in order to identify dead animals and elimination of infected materials is underway.
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