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#Galapagos #Volcano #Erupts on Inhabited Island

#Explosion at #PiparoMudVolcano Causes #Cracks to #Roads and #Homes in #Trinidad and #Tobago

Piparo Mud Volcano Trinidad & Tobago 22.09.2019

A loud explosion was heard by residents at 10:08 PM, with cracks appearing across roads, & homes at 10:20 PM across Pancho Trace.

11:30 PM Update: Though there has been no confirmed eruption at the Piparo Mud Volcano, there are cracks on the roadway, one home has been damaged due to property cracks, a landslip, and a high sulphur smell according to MP Barry Padarath. He also added, there are no ongoing evacuations but residents are on standby.

Courtesy of Trinidad and Tobago Weather Center

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#YellowAlert Issued Due To Increased #SeismicActivity At #MaunaLoaVolcano In #Hawaii

Earthquakes under Manua Loa during the past week (image: HVO / USGS)

The alert level for the volcano has been raised to yellow two days ago. This doesn’t mean that an eruption is expected to occur in a near future, but acknowledges that the volcano is currently preparing itself for its next eruption, which will come, sooner or later, but currently without possibility to indicate a specific time frame.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) reported that “for the past several months, earthquake and ground deformation rates at Mauna Loa Volcano have exceeded long term background levels. An eruption is not imminent and current rates are not cause for alarm. However, they do indicate changes in the shallow magma storage system at Mauna Loa.”

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New #Ash #Eruption At #SangayVolcano In #Ecuador

Volcano Alert

New ash eruption at Sangay Volcano

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#Ash #Eruption Continues At #SabancayaVolcano In #Peru

Volcano Alert

Continuous ash eruption at Sabancaya Volcano.

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Ash #Eruption Continues At #PopocatépetlVolcano In #Mexico

Satellite images of Popocatepetl volcano (c)Google Earth View

Continuous ash eruption at Popocatépetl Volcano.

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#AshEruption At #SangayVolcano In #Ecuador

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Volcanic ash plume observed

Awaiting further details.

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#Explosive Activity Prompts #Aviation Colour Code #ORANGE At #DukonoVolcano In #Indonesia

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Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Darwin warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 7000 ft (2100 m) altitude or flight level 070.


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