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Lightning strike almost HIT reporter in China

Massive die off of fish in fish farm in Hengxian, China

Heng Liu Jing Zhen Yu Jiang Mo River fish in cages in the North, starting from March 24 suspicious deaths. The statistics, covering 15 households of farmers, 456 fish box. Hengxian County, the County Government in response to the report, immediately set up a working group to carry out disposal process. At present, the departments concerned have to field sampling, is awaiting test results.
March 26 at noon, ink-reporter Liu Jing town in yujiang River, North River, the river has a lot of cages, with numerous dead fish floating in the cage, sending waves of stench, a distance of more than 10 meters can smell.
Farmers close told reporters that he raised a total of 27 boxes of fish. For 3 years he spent several tens of thousands of FRY, catfish fish, grass carp? caries  light yellow color yan Xin, Yi eel bag dumpling  4  lutetium Chu? 24th starting early in the morning, a large number of fish appear abnormal, hit in the cage to hit, soon to turn white. “I basically 27 boxes of fish died, preliminary estimates that there are 50,000 kg. “Mr close said, which reaches hundreds of cages of fish deaths occurred, according to cage, basically all the fish died in the upper reaches, downstream fish part of survival.
After reporters inquired about that, Liu Jing town, government workers and police arrived at the scene after hearing their 24 hour stand at the site.
“Because no identified cause of fish death, farmers are not willing to salvage dead fish. “Liu Jing town, a staff member told reporters that the dead fish smell hard upon the river pollution, government departments have been dug in excavator hole, planning to harmless treatment of dead fish, but farmers do not agree with, is currently in full communication.
Farmers, Huang said, they fish in the river has more than 10 years, there has never been a dead fish. This sudden large areas of dead fish, if not found “murderer” fish salvaged were buried, who’s going to bear their losses? She owes more than 200,000 Yuan only feed, the loss is not a small number of farmers.
Liu Jing town government official told reporters, in response to the report, the County, the County Government immediately organized environmental protection, agriculture, price, Liu Jing and Liu Jing town the town government working group composed of relevant units, to a relevant disposal site, and do a 24-hour duty and ideological work.
According to preliminary statistics, the dead fish farmers involved in the event 15, 456 fish box. At present, the County Environmental Protection Bureau, the Department of agriculture and other related departments have carried out investigation and evidence gathering and sampling, are waiting for test results. Nanning agriculture 25th, the municipal environmental protection Bureau and other relevant departments to guide the work of investigation and evidence collection.
Relevant departments will continue to do the ideological work of the farmers, and harmless treatment of speeding up progress to avoid secondary disasters. The same time, strengthen the monitoring of river water quality, to keep farmers informed in a timely manner.
Courtesy of news.gxnews.com.cn