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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 515 km W of Alexandria, Egypt / pop: 3,812,000 / local time: 11:43:11.9 2017-05-02
66 km SE of Tobruk, Libya / pop: 122,000 / local time: 11:43:11.9 2017-05-02
48 km W of Bardīyah, Libya / pop: 9,200 / local time: 11:43:11.9 2017-05-02

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4 die of Bird Flu and another in hospital in Libya

Bird Flu

Four people have died after contacting bird flu in Libya over the last few days, says the health minister of the country’s internationally recognized government.
Rida al-Awkali made the announcement on Saturday, adding that a fifth person is also suspected to have contracted the deadly virus and is currently being treated at a hospital in the eastern city of Tobruk.
Awkali went on to say that three of the victims died in the country’s capital city Tripoli, and the fourth in Tobruk.
He refrained from saying which strain of the virus they were infected with.
The health minister added that he is to travel to Tobruk on Sunday and from there to Egypt to meet World Health Organization experts, who are closely monitoring the various strains of flu.
Awkali also said that a WHO delegation is scheduled to arrive in Libya during the next 48 hours.
Tobruk is located across the border from Egypt where, according to local health authorities, at least eight people have already succumbed to the virus this year.
The first recorded case of bird flu in Libya was at a poultry farm in Tobruk in March, without any humans infected.
Mainly in Southeast Asia, the H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus has killed over 400 people since first appearing in 2003. A separate strain, H7N9 has also killed over 170 people since it first emerged in 2013.
Courtesy of PressTV

Plane crashes in Benghazi, Libya

Plane Crash Alert

A Libyan military plane crashed and exploded in the restive eastern city of Benghazi after it engaged Islamist militants, a military source and a witness said.

General Sagr al-Jerouchi, chief of air operations for dissident general Khalifa Haftar, said it was not immediately clear if the plane was shot down or suffered a malfunction. He added that it had just attacked Islamist positions.
Weekend fighting in Benghazi, cradle of the 2011 revolution that ousted Muammar Qaddafi, killed dozens of people, mostly soldiers.
Combat erupted Saturday when Islamists attacked the headquarters of a special forces unit near the city center. One of the few regular army units located in Benghazi, it backs an anti-Islamist campaign launched by Haftar in May but has not placed itself under his command.

In the capital Tripoli clashes set fire to two major oil depots on Monday threatening to spill an environmental disaster.

Several countries have closed their missions in Libya and withdrawn their diplomatic staff amid fears of possible attacks.

On Tuesday France said it will evacuate its nationals after similar moves by other European nations.
There are less than 100 French nationals in Libya and they will be taken out of the country by ship, the source said, adding that the operation would be over by the afternoon.